Plum Cake (with Yeast Dough)

Plum Cake (with Yeast Dough)

We recently have discovered our love to yeast dough. It is so simple and turns out great. You just need a little bit of time and you need to watch it, so that it doesn’t rise too much! Perfect for our current situation where we are at home most of the time anyways!

For me, yeast dough with different toppings reminds me of my grandma who always makes apple cake or plum cake with yeast dough. They store the baked cake in the freezer after the harvest and then you get yummy cake every time you visit them! This is just perfect for me.

Right now, baking is also a good activity to get distracted from what is happening on this planet. There is so much uncertainty at the moment with the election, COVID-19 and the terrorist attacks in France and Austria. Baking helps me to calm down, to relax and to realize that I can’t change all of it. Maybe you are feeling the same as I and you are looking for a distraction, then give the yeast dough a chance to make your world a little bit better!!! It’s perfect as you need to keep an eye on it and therefore you will think about the dough instead of something else. And if you want to top it of with some plums and crumble than you are going to have a spectacular and amazing PLUM CAKE in the end!

This recipe is a classic but it is VEGAN. Yeast dough tastes vegan as amazing as traditionally with eggs and normal butter. Therefore this a great opportuntity to decrease your consumption of animal products which helps to make the planet a tiny bit better and healthier!

So maybe you’ll test your skills and try a yeast dough (for the first time)? We would love that!

Plum Cake (Yeast Dough)

Prep Time45 minutes
Cook Time40 minutes
Resting Time45 minutes
Total Time2 hours 10 minutes



  • 300 g vegan milk (we prefer oat milk)
  • ½ cube fresh yeast
  • 75 g sugar
  • 500 g flour (spelt or wheat works just fine)
  • 75 g vegan butter


  • 100 g shredded almonds (can be replaced with flour)
  • 100 g flour
  • 100 g sugar
  • 100 g vegan butter
  • 1000-200 g plums


  • Warm up the milk, add the yeast, sugar and the melted butter. Mix it and let it rest for 5 minutes.
  • Mix flour and salt separately.
  • Add the milk mixture to it and mix until you have a smooth dough.
  • Cover it up and let it rise for 30-45 min.
  • Now add all the ingredients for the crumble topping together until you get the wanted texture. And place it in the fridge.
  • Use the time that is left to wash the plums and core them. I usually use as many plums as fit on the cake. 
  • Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius (Umluft).
  • Roll the dough out on a floured surface right in the baking tray or use a baking sheet.
  • Place the plums on top of it and cover them with the crumbles.
  • Now let it bake for around 40 minutes. Don't bake it too long because the dough will get dry then.

Did you give this recipe a try? If so, we would love to get some feedback from you! Just comment below, we really would appreciate your opinion. And if you took some pictures, just tag us on Instagram.

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